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Birth chart of Amber Heard

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In this segment we cover synastry, or finding compatibility, in a birth chart. I've done several segments on this topic before - but thought it could be helpful to create a astro seek synastry segment to support new learners. Ever...


What is a Synastry Chart? Think of a map of the astro seek synastry that is a snapshot of the exact planetary coordinates of when you astro seek synastry born. Now when we overlay another individuals map over your map, we can visually see where their planets were located in relations to yours - that is the basis of a synastry chart. Visually a synastry chart looks exactly like a birth chart - a 360 degree wheel divided into 12 sections. The only astro seek synastry being that there are twice as many elements being charted. In a synastry chart, an aspect is the geometric relationship between the two sets of planets. An example of an aspect shape includes a square, trine, conjunction, and more. Each aspect shape produces a different meaning. Synastry charts and composite charts are similar in that they both explore relationships. Synastry charts are used to examine relationships between two people or, more specifically, how they may effect each other individually. From that an astrologer can use the chart to interpret the character and dynamic of...

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